Student Requesting Extension Types Transcript of Recent Therapy Session In Email

WESTWOOD — Third-year political science major Jeffrey Trabor included the transcript of his recent therapy session in an email to his TA requesting an extension. “I tried to put how I’m feeling into a few sentences, but this is really the only way to communicate the full picture of what I’m going through,” reads Jeffrey’s email to TA Sarah Barnes, who spends a significant portion of her own therapy sessions processing the content of her students’ extension request emails. “I’ve also added a bulleted list of things I was too afraid to tell my therapist at the time that are certainly affecting my ability to complete the paper.” Upon receiving the extension, Trabor was grateful to have his well-being prioritized by his educators, as well as for the opportunity to continue procrastinating for several days before finishing his essay in a three hour Adderall-abetted frenzy.

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