Opinion: EEEEEEEK!

Student animorphing into a squirrel.

GEt it off Get it off! I thINK it BIT ME!!!! All I did was make the squeaky noise so it would look at me, and now….NOW I’m ChAnGiNg….. AHHHHHHH

KSHFDASJHDS My THOUGHts aRe DifFerent. I’m becoming a bit furrier than I once was. ThAt TreE looks like… like Home. I need to climb it. I need….I need crumbs. I need crumbs of cookies. If i just….If I just cling to this tree with my bushy monstrosity and watch them eat, they will drop the crumbs. They always do. Big creatures and no coveting of the crumbs. They know nothing of stakes. They know nothing of us.

We are the spine that never breaks. We pick up the crumbs and they touch their glass rectangles. Touching the glass day and night and crying. Worrying about what the glass thinks of them. Worrying about whether to swipe right or left on glass. I remember my glass. I remember these beings as my kin.

They mean nothing to me now. No more. No more glass. Only crumbs.