UCLA To Open Rendez Midwest Offering Daily Casserole Specials

Rendezvous sign with additional sign that says "Bless this mess"

MIDWESTWOOD — UCLA Dining has unveiled plans to expand its Rendezvous West & East dining halls with an extension focused on a different regional cuisine: the Midwest. “We are delighted to continue exposing UCLA students to the finest exotic cookery, from Korea to Des Moines, Iowa,” claimed Rendez Midwest Executive Chef Xi Kago while taking a Frito pie out of the oven and dressed in a leopard-print apron embroidered with “Bless This Mess.” “Our menu will include a diverse slate of offerings like tuna casserole, tater tot casserole, and macaroni casserole! Students can enjoy a family-sized meatloaf and hotdish combo on a tablecloth modeled after my Great Aunt Sally’s couch.” At press time, health officials had postponed Rendez Midwest’s opening after discovering that the most nutritious menu item was something called “cookie salad.”