RA Tacks Condoms To Lounge Wall To Promote Safer Sex

condoms tacked to corkboard in the shape of a heart

WESTWOOD — In preparation for Valentines’ Day, fourth-year RA and president of UCLA Sexperts Abby Stinence has used thumbtacks to pin condoms to the wall of her floor’s lounge – all in the name of safer sex. “You know, I just really wanted to foster an inclusive environment for my little residents. I see myself as their big sis,” gushed Stinence, who has so far delivered seventeen cakes with the word “VIRGIN” crossed out in icing. “I love to educate people about safer sex. Sex should always be a consensual, enthusiastic decision between two people and their RA.” At press time, Stinence was consoling a freshman about their positive pregnancy test after she sent out a link to a hookup sheet on her floor’s GroupMe.