Teen Disappointed Safe Space Lacks Wifi

Smith, who assured reporters she was not like “other white feminists,” was visibly frustrated with her safe space’s lack of internet service.

WESTWOOD—Although thankful she has a space to comfortably feel free of hostilities, third-year gender studies major Charlotte Smith expressed concerns over the lack of reliable internet service. “The poor Wi-Fi connection in this place is honestly kind of triggering,” Smith said, sitting in a dimly lit room in the basement of Ackerman Union which the Undergraduate Students Association Council (USAC) designated as a campus safe space last quarter. “I usually ask people to ‘check their privilege,’ but I’m getting really tired of having to also ask for the right Wifi log in. I’m willing to look past this micro-aggression if I can just log onto Tumblr.” At press time, Smith was heard blaming the heteronormative patriarchy for her safe space’s unreliable wireless connection.

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