Midterms Finish Just In Time For Midterms

WESTWOOD — Bruins finally breathed a sigh of relief as midterms wrapped up this week, just in time for midterms to begin first thing next week. “Ever since midterms ended I have so much more free time to think about next week’s midterms,” said Anna Yu, with a sleeve of pen-written reminders extending up her forearm detailing what study guides she needs to finish, what professors she needs to email, and what day of the week it is. “The time goes by so fast. It seems like only yesterday I was finishing up midterms and getting ready for midterms — but here we are, and wow, it’s already time for midterms again.” At press time, UCLA administration announced it would explore a new way to represent time in terms of midterms, instead of in terms less relevant to the student body like hours, days, weeks, or months.

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