BruinCast Employee Wins Oscar For Creative Camerawork

WESTWOOD — Fourth-year Abby Gromberg made history this Oscar Sunday after she was awarded “Best Director” for her work on LS 7A 2/13. “I think my oeuvre emulates A24 movies and the French New Wave, with a hint of abstract expressionism,” said Gromberg, whose impressively laidback directorial process involves looking up from her homework every three to five minutes. “When you watch one of my films, sorry, recordings, you feel the anguish and confusion of the student. You become the student. I love when I hear that my intentionally jerky camera work made someone nauseous. What is art for, if not to disturb the comfortable?” At press time, Gromberg was shooting an unfocused recording of a female professor, which critics have hailed as a searing commentary on how women are too often obscured from the institutional narrative.

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After watching Rachel Brosnahan pretending to be a Jewish comedian in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Gabby thought someone should do that for real.