USAC Profit Scandals Exposed By Daily Bruin For Profit

Many in the UCLA community are upset with the way the Daily Bruin has been “making paper”.

WESTWOOD—Documents leaked Tuesday have revealed that the Daily Bruin may be profiting off of scandals involving the illegal sale of drugs and alcohol to finance student government election campaigns.

A publicly-viewable article on the newspaper’s website appears to show staff writers exposing a scandal involving LET’S ACT! candidates for the purpose of increasing readership and profit. This has raised some speculation about how much of the Daily Bruin’s funding can be traced back to the exploitation of others’ illicit and immoral behavior.

“There is absolutely no connection between our funding and our commitment to capitalizing on various scandals,”  said Daily Bruin editor Ramon Escobedo. “The money we earn is entirely the fruit of good ol’ fashioned quality journalism.”

Escobedo maintained that although the paper often publishes articles exposing corruption within the student government, the profits from these pieces are not used to cover Daily Bruin-affiliated events or expenses. Nonetheless, many of those who were involved in such scandals believe that this is a violation of journalistic ethics.

Both slates running candidates in this year’s USAC election responded to news of the exposed expose.

“We are definitely considering taking legal action against the Daily Bruin,” said LET’S ACT! member Karen Overbeck. “As soon as we can sell enough Jello shots to afford a lawyer, we’re coming down on them with everything we’ve got.”

“We at Bruins United are appalled by the idea of exploiting immoral activity for personal gain,” said Bruins United representative Carey Helm. “So if you are too, remember that this is exactly what LET’S ACT! stands for – and vote for Bruins United!”

At press time, Daily Bruin staff members are debating the profitability of revealing their own scandal to the public.

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