UCLA Student Arrested By FBI For Calling Mike Pence “Weeb” On Twitter

Graphic by Gillian Smith

COSTA MESA, CA — A UCLA student has been taken into custody in connection to the Jan. 6 attacks on the U.S. Capitol.

Christian Secor, the founder of “America First Bruins,” was arrested by the FBI following dozens of tips that he called then-current Vice President Mike Pence a “weeb” on Twitter. “Donald Trump isn’t ‘kawaii,’ you weeb! He’s manly! Burly! Tall, dark, and handsome! He isn’t your ‘waifu!’” reads Secor’s criminal tweet, directed at Pence.

“Mr. Pence admits to liking Sailor Moon but denies ever calling Donald-chan his ‘waifu,’” Pence’s spokesperson stated in an official response to Secor’s tweet, which is thought to have been the primary inciting factor of the Capitol insurrection. “The former vice president is certainly not a weeb and urges the public not to believe these offensive allegations.”

Secor has a history of spreading extremist rhetoric online; last year, he came under fire after referring to Ben Shapiro as “Benny-sama” when the political commentator gave a talk at UCLA. He currently faces a life sentence in prison and has been formally charged with “hurting a government official’s feelings” and “being a loser.”

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