Study Shows Too Much Weed Causes Memory Loss, May Also Cause Memory Loss

WESTWOODA new study out of UCLA has shown that consuming too much marijuana causes memory loss, and it may also cause memory loss. Wait, shit, what was I writing this article about again? I bet I was on-topic just a couple sentences ago, but there’s no way to know for sure because I just forgot how to read.

Hold up—how do I know I JUST forgot how to read? What if I’ve been illiterate my whole life?? Ah jeez, that’d be a real bummer! No offense if you can’t read—you know, that would actually be kinda cool because I’m starting to feel pretty self-conscious and I don’t know why and also, are thoughts real? What if they’re just in our heads?? Anyway, I’m fuckin’ hungry. taco bell near me

google not googling

is google down

how to read

how to find love

am i truly alone in this world now that not even google is responding

how to cope with the loss of your memories

who is my dad

how to remember things

how to remember things

taco bell near me

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