Students Start To Pack, Professor Filibusters

Graphic by Isaiah Little

WESTWOOD — As Math 33A neared 3:50 p.m. last Friday, students began to pack in eager anticipation of no longer learning things.

“Class isn’t over,” shouted Professor Mikhail Bozovic, who, dumbfounded and enraged by the uproarious clatter of descending desks, chose to filibuster the remaining 83 seconds of official class time, noting, “I still have one minute!”

Students somberly returned to their chairs for a discussion of what might be taught next class and when office hours still are, followed by a particularly spirited recitation of “Green Eggs and Ham.”

Bozovic is reportedly still lecturing on the soft fur of his kitten to a nearly empty room, comprised only of an international student who cheated on his ESL exam and is not confident enough in the language to determine if this is part of the curriculum.

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