Opinion: “Samueli?” More Like “Smelly.” You Stink!

WESTWOOD UCLA is known for its beautiful architecture and iconic buildings. Even with a melancholy Mathematic Sciences Building, UCLA can keep its top spot in “Most Beautiful Campus Magazine,” or whatever it’s called. But what is that smell? Is it a dead rat in the vents? No! Those are actual engineering students in the Samueli School of Engineering. There has to be a typo there. Are you sure they didn’t mean to write “Smelly School of Engineering?” It’s not like engineers can read or write.

Dear engineers, I realize that you have to take a lot of units each quarter. And with class averages being 20%, your life must be really difficult. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a shower! You’ve passed your classes with at least a 50%, but you don’t even shower 50% of the time. On and off campus, every living space has a shower. And guess what, you should fucking use it. Use your lecture recordings as background music as you get to scrubbing that smell off you. I promise, it’ll help.

Your superiority complex can’t hide how much you stink. Take a shower, please.