Marvel Announces 525,949 New Marvel Movies For Next Year

A panel of Marvel cast and crew members discuss just how lengthy their IMDB pages will be by this time next year.

HOLLYWOOD — Today at the Hollywood Comics Convention, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced 525,949 new Marvel movies would come out next year. “Audiences around the world have been captivated and astonished by our films, like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite some critics lambasting us for saturating the market with superhero movies, the fans have spoken with their dollars. And they want more, baby! That’s why I’m announcing the all new Marvel Movie a Minute initiative!” At this point, our reporters noticed Feige wiping saliva from his lips with an embossed handkerchief. “That’s 525,949 Marvel movies total! You liked Captain America 2? Well then you’ll love Captain America 3, 4, and 500. You wanted it! You got it! Thor? You like Thor? Have some Thor! Thor 26,000: Revenge of Thor! Folks, we are riding this gravy train all the way to the bank! The merchandising deals alone…Think of the happy meals….” At press time, DC has announced a Batman movie every second.