Last Couple Still Together From High School Finally Breaks Up

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Rogers and Sowers vowed to “make the whole long distance thing work” shortly before high school graduation.

WESTWOOD—Sources confirmed Friday that the last remaining long distance relationship that began in high school between Amber Rogers and David Sowers has finally come to end after an hour and a half Skype call. “It is such a bummer, she was supposed to come stay in our room for a week since she is already done with school. I really wanted to meet her,” said Sowers’ roommate Jason Campbell, adding that their friends who once commented “relationship GOALS” on Instagram posts were now questioning if true love even exists. “Honestly though, I am really glad I don’t have to worry about walking in on him jerking off to a Facetime call. The quality isn’t even good, so I don’t get the point.” At press time, Rogers had already finished pruning her social media of their pictures while Sowers was wondering whether they would be still hooking up over summer vacation.