Cute! These Founding Fathers Tried To Create A Nation With No Demagoguery

We won’t tell them!

Are you ready for the most heartwarming story you’ve read all week? A group of Founding Fathers tried to create their very own nation, completely free of demagoguery. Super cute!

Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and their friends were inspired to create this ideal country after witnessing the tyranny of arbitrary monarchical rule. “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time,” said Jefferson.

So they decided they’d try to found their own nation in which a hot-headed and fear-inducing demagogue would never become the leader of hundreds of millions of people!

Awww! How precious!

Their plan is very extensive and the Fathers have written hundreds of pages with of documents detailing their super-duper idea for a representative democracy that will ensure no unstable and incompetent billionaire with a fragile ego ever becomes the most powerful person in the nation. Shh, no one tell them! 😉 😉 😉

Stay innocent, kids!