How To Interact With Your Friends Who Are Already On Summer Vacation

I mean, summer’s alright, I guess.

Friends already on summer vacation? Ouch. Here’s how to masterfully achieve successful social interactions without letting your jealousy interfere.

  • Leave a pathetic comment on a Facebook pic of them at the beach, like, “Wow, looks fun, wish I was there :)”
  • Read and study the new best-selling book How To Talk To Your Friends During Every Season of the Year.
  • Tell them that the quarter system isn’t really that bad because we have exams right before spring break, instead of after them, and we only have to do 10 weeks of a class we really don’t like!
  • Block them on Snapchat so you don’t have to see them having fun.
  • Invite them to cool events at your school, like the CMRS Roundtable on Lettering and Legibility in the Works of Andreas Vesalius.
  • Look out the window as Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard plays in the background.
  • Save all of the pictures they send you of themselves having a good time, then recreate all of the same pictures to send back to them when they go back to school in August.
  • Create a force field that will drag a giant planet into the sun and destroy it, therefore ending summer forever. That’ll show them!

There you have it folks! Some good old fashioned fun from WE. Don’t forget your sunscreen!