Chancellor Officially Announces Campus Theme As ‘Bricks’

Royce Hall was constructed using several bricks.

WESTWOOD—Drawing intrigue on the part of staff and students alike, Chancellor Gene Block officially announced UCLA’s new theme for the 2015-2016 school year as ‘Bricks’. “When you look around this campus, what do you see? An environment that cultivates learning and ambition? A generation of people excited to claim their places as innovators and entrepreneurs in an age striving for justice and equality? Optimists? Maybe. Kind of. In a way, I guess. But mostly, I just see bricks, and I think it is about damn time that we embrace that,” said Block, pointing out the various structures of the campus made of brick. “Nietzsche said that in love, there is madness, but in madness, there is reason. In the same way, in bricks, there is clay, shale, and mud; but in clay, shale, and mud, there is also the stuff that make the bricks that make the buildings and stairs, which is basically all of what this campus is, if you think about it.”