Area Woman Shazams DMV Hold Music

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Foreman enjoyed her foray into the DMV’s “easy listening” selection.

LOS ANGELES — Citing the incredible variety of smooth jazz that she heard while on hold for nearly 45 minutes today, local woman Susan Foreman used her Shazam app to purchase nineteen tracks from the DMV’s music library. “From the sweet melodies of the tenor sax in the track ‘Neo-Bop Noodlin’ to the slightly different, yet equally sultry crooning of the tenor trombone in ‘Proposal in the Bayou,’ this experience was certainly one for the books,” Foreman announced while she called the DMV on her cellphone, her landline, and her husband Carl’s Motorola Razr™ device. “I also love it when the occasional oboe adds a pinch of sass to the mix. Can you believe that the DMV offers this treasure trove for free?” At press time, Foreman was in what her husband described as a “jazz trance” and could not be reached for further comment.