8-Person Gayley Heights Apartments Revealed To Be Elaborate Social Experiment

WESTWOOD — Yesterday evening, Dr. Philip Styles of the UCLA Psychology Department revealed to a small cohort of graduate students that creating 8-person apartments in Gayley Heights was his idea—and that he is studying the outcome. “I was texting some old friends from the Stanford Prison Experiment when the idea came to me: what if someone put eight of the Worst People You Know into one brutalist-style apartment?” Styles said, taking notes as he watched surveillance footage of a sorority girl and a 30-year-old ex-marine argue about taking out the trash. “The anger? The pettiness? The drama? This is the epitome of the human mind.” At press time, Styles was pressing buttons on his control panel to put dirty dishes in the sink and blast K-Pop at 3 a.m while his graduate students gathered data.