Student Takes Three-Hour-Long Twenty-Minute Nap

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20 Minute Nap
Sources suggest Rivera was too comfortable to move. (Credit: Maggie Zheng)

WESTWOOD—Third-year UCLA student Christine Rivera allegedly engaged in a twenty-minute nap for three hours early Wednesday evening after a stressful morning of classes. “I was so wiped after my Chem midterm and that essay for my History GE, so, you know, I just needed to take a short break for a really long time before I could start my homework,” explained Rivera, whose roommates report that her alarm tone was heard at least eight times during Rivera’s power nap. “Unfortunately I slept through my scheduled study hour from 5:15 to 5:30, so I had to stay up late getting my reading done.” Rivera reportedly did not sleep well Tuesday night and plans to compensate with another twenty-minute nap of uncertain duration on Thursday.