Report: Single Gourd In B-Plate Promises Festive Holiday Season

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The gourd in question providing its trademark ambiance. (Credit: Maggie Zheng)

WESTWOOD—Sources confirmed today that B-Plate has risen the stakes this holiday season, as the addition of a single gourd to the dining hall’s usually drab interior upped the Mirth Index© by an estimated 40 percent. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure how well the plan would go over,” B-Plate’s interior designer Paula Johnson said, as she furiously sketched a schematic for the sweet potato that’s likely to make an appearance after Thanksgiving. “Usually we don’t partake in such lavish holiday festivities, but something told me that this place could use a little good-natured autumnal zest.” At press time, reports indicated that UCLA students had begun to eat the gourd with a spoon, mistaking its benevolent presence for a healthy dessert alternative.