How To Get Out Of That Frat Formal You Agreed To

Someone asked you to a frat formal and you accidentally agreed! Oh, no! Here’s WE’s best tips for getting out of it.

  • Drop out of college.

  • Accidently post your regret rant to your Rinsta instead of your Finsta since you couldn’t keep them straight.

  • What, you got somethin ‘gainst the BROS?

  • Take a good ol’ laxative.

  • Say you didn’t vote for Bruins United.

  • Tell them De Neve has tacos that night.

  • Say that your parents have to supervise.

  • Go on retreat with some Christian group you’re not a part of.

  • Tell him that you agreed to it because you didn’t know how to say no to him, but that you think he deserves honesty from you and that you hope you guys can hang out some other time.

  • Say you can’t go because he’s not in a top house.

  • Let him know he’s a really nice guy, but you were planning to be on antibiotics that weekend.

  • Tell him you’ll be on your period and you need to be hidden away, alone in the mountains, for that whole week.

  • Ask if your daughter can come.

There you have it! WE’s best tips to avoiding an awkward date!