High School Classmate Discovers Moroccan Food

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Julie’s inspiration, which is significantly better than the shit she cooked up.

LOS GATOS, CA—High school classmate Julie Burr discovered Moroccan food earlier this week, sources confirm. “At first I was like wow, this kind of has a lot of flavors, but now I’m like, wow, this has so many flavors!” Burr, who has left her hometown exactly once to tour a college she decided against going to, explained. “I even found some recipes on Pinterest and I can’t wait to cook them for my boyfriend. He’s gonna be like, wow, I can’t believe you made this. He’s gonna be like, whoa. Who knew Maracas people could cook?” Burr proceeded to upload a selfie of herself in her kitchen with a bag of couscous to Instagram with the hashtag “#wifeymaterial.”