Westwood Enabler 2015 USAC Election Endorsement: The After Party

He just can't make up his mind!


The Westwood Enabler has chosen to endorse Jason Ergina of The After Party. Here are a few key reasons why:

  • Supports longer waits at De Neve Crosswalk

      In an effort to prioritize students over vehicles, Jason plans to lengthen the       wait cars will have to endure at the De Neve Crosswalk. The Enabler likes       this because none of us can drive.

  • Anti-Anti-Semitic

      While not overtly Anti-Anti-Semetic, Jason leans more towards the Pro side       of the Anti-Anti-Semitism debate, rather than the controversial Anti-Anti-       Anti-Semetic doctrine that has taken hold of some student groups in the       recent past.

  • Doesn’t resort to petty politics

      Ergina has chosen not to engage in petty politics by not having any politics       to begin with.

  • Erginomics

      Ergina won’t tell you what to do with your body, but his fiscal policy will       make your body feel good.

  • Pro Israel and Pro Palestine

      With Ergina, everybody wins.

  • Plans to Destroy USAC from within

      Although experts at the Enabler fully expect USAC to destroy itself within       3-4 election cycles, Ergina has pledged to hasten this process. Our thoughts       go out to the families of any USAC members who may try to stand in the       way.

  • Screw it, it doesn’t matter

      Vote for him, don’t vote for him, like who the fuck even cares?

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