TA Just Basking In Students’ Silence

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Ivanov hopes that her section will spend upwards of 35 minutes of silence per class by the end of the quarter.

WESTWOOD—Teaching Assistant Victoria Ivanov was reportedly just basking in students’ dumbfounded silence following a “vague question” in this week’s discussion for an upper-division political science class. “It was one of the best sections I’ve taught. Students can gain a lot from learning to dwell in stupefied silence for a while,” Ivanov said while adding one last rhetorical question to next week’s lecture slides. “I really felt a connection in that classroom after I inflected a general statement as a question and gave little to no indication of what kind of answer I was looking for. But it got even better when I became disappointed in them for not mentioning a very niche concept from this week’s readings.” At press time, Ivanov was refraining from making any further commentary by maintaining a slight smirk and raising her eyebrows.