Submission: The Westwood Enabler Should Avoid Writing Biased Articles on Bruin Republicans

As UCLA students, we look to the Westwood Enabler when we’re bored in class or sitting on the toilet. Unfortunately, it is now more evident than ever that the Westwood Enabler has abandoned journalistic integrity and that the impetus is on us to provide the truth.

Students have surely read about our event titled “Sabine Durden: An Illegal Immigrant Killed My Child.” We feel that our organization has been portrayed inaccurately and we write this article to drive the metaphorical knife further into a strong and resilient community. We will first address a news report published on the the Westwood Enabler’s website.

Some of the flaws we noticed in the news report include the author’s assertion that Bruin Republicans is in favor of a “boob tax.” If even a modicum of research was done or if the author’s political dispositions didn’t cloud the content of his piece, it would be clear that we are strongly against taxes.

A second inaccuracy was that we claimed “we [could] sell cupcakes and write ‘trans people don’t exist’ all over them.” Contrary to what some may believe, we have never discussed this during a meeting but would like to thank the publication for the great fundraising idea.

Lastly, we would like to address the claim that we use one’s suffering to “promote bigotry.” Before we dispel the notion that we’re “bigots,” let’s consider the definition of bigotry. Correct us if we’re wrong, but the only people who were showing “stubborn and complete intolerance … of differing views” were the protesters who attended our recent event. We refuse to debate this, and will not tolerate further discussion on the matter.

We only hope that this article will be the end of the lies propagated about Bruin Republicans. We ask that the Westwood Enabler make the appropriate changes to reflect the truth and we dispiritedly ask that the Westwood Enabler write unbiased pieces hereafter.