Screaming Customer Inspires Cashier to Be Better

The screaming customer is always right.

WESTWOOD–Sources confirm that an altercation with an infuriated customer inspired local retail worker Rachel Jefferson to be better. “It was an overwhelming personal experience, and it’s really changed me,” said Jefferson, after being ripped a new one by the enraged shopper. “I have a newfound determination to be the best at my minimum-wage job I can possibly be.” The tirade of the customer, who caused a scene that attracted the attention of numerous other shoppers in the store, ended with her adding that if Rachel cared more about her work, her customers would be more satisfied. “I had a real epiphany after that,” Jefferson said. “It’s incredible how one disgruntled shopper has the power to transform your work ethic.” At press time, the cashier reported that she also finds inspiration in picking up and refolding clothes that people have left on the floor, as well as customers entering the store five minutes before closing time.