Report: Xanax Makes m y hannds FEel incrwdible

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WESTWOOOSD—A recent report confirmed that taking one dose of Xanax can mAke my entnire hands nd t he Fingerss too feel reallly good. “Hoooo it;s real Xanax hours ttime to pop a xan” the reporttt statedss want to lie diwn on the couch take q three hour nap “it’s okay I have s Presrcrpition for it idon’t know why I Was frteaking out earliwr it wasn/t really a big deal whoch is g9od I think !!” At press time, my hands fel so Soft ann dd good so warm i wannnnt to rub themo n my face i wantto sl;eep for 10 ten hours So Tirred and how do i endd the artic;e