Recent Graduate Gets Dream Job At Firm

WESTWOOD — Recently graduated business-economics major Blake Gordon has accepted his “dream job” with The McGerald Corporation, a big firm that performs consulting and auditing for other big firms and is widely regarded as an industry leader among the economy of firms. “I received competing offers from other elite firms such as the HuffGuffle Group, DanielBruceDaniel, and Deloitte, but The McGerald Corporation is doing critical work that I’ve only dreamt of being a part of. I can’t wait to make a difference in the world,” said Gordon in a LinkedIn post about his new job at which he will be paid a much-coveted livable wage to fill out thousands of spreadsheets while wearing a suit, helping innovative companies such as Goldman Sachs boost their revenues. “Childhood dreams do come true. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goal of becoming a McGerald man.” At press time, Gordon was seen smoking from a gravity bong with seven of his fraternity brothers while sporting a cut-off McGerald shirt.

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