Opinion: Keep Up The Scathing Course Evaluations, We Are Close

Most people see course evaluations as pointless, just another way to placate us, like the “close door” button on an elevator. I understand that perspective. We all do. For years we have typed passionate rebukes to no avail. We have indicated that the workload is “too much,” and that the class organization is “poor,” to no avail.

Bruins, this quarter can be different.

Sure, to tenured professors, maybe we are voiceless. To those on a tenure track, we are in all likelihood voiceless as well. If a professor has a close relationship with an administrator, we are also probably voiceless. Eventually, though, the elevator doors will close on professors without multiple publications and who the university already dislikes. And when that moment comes, we will rejoice in our contribution.

Get the emotional release only an uninhibited course evaluation or yelp review can provide. Indulge. Leave no one’s character unquestioned. Leave nothing but your professor’s home address in the comments. Redouble your efforts! Press that elevator button!