Op-Ed: So Pedophilia Is The Line?

As the world’s most dangerous faggot™ I, Milo Yiannopoulos, have always strived to present the true and disturbing facts about the cancerous spread of third wave feminism and the hypocritical efforts of the PC police to install an authoritarian regime in the United States. I have called out cucks, fat chicks, transgender snowflakes, and all sorts of other hideous people who are jealous they aren’t me. I mean, I understand that, given how fabulous I am, but you sick people need to just accept that you can’t be as brilliant as me. For a while, I was a shining star of the right. Simon and Schuster just offered me a fucking book deal. Do any of you liberal feminazis have a book deal?

And then, I crossed the line. Apparently, while it’s fine to tell transgender people that they’re mentally diseased, to out illegal immigrants, and to tell women they deserve to be raped; defending homosexual relations between older men and boys is where the right draws its line. Please. I literally said there needed to be a cap on women studying science because women can’t handle rigorous coursework. I constantly imply that fat women are disgusting slobs and call any attempt at multicultural representation race baiting.

You fucking loved that shit. For some reason, I can insult and troll every single group of people in the world and get away with it, but if I joke about giving a Catholic priest head, I get thrown by the wayside. As if you didn’t know that Milo Yiannopoulos thinks child molestation is funny. But if that’s the way the right’s going to play, I get it. Pedophilia is the line. And now you’re trying to flush me down the drain like I never existed. I see how it is.

I bet you’d let President Trump get away with it. And his hair isn’t nearly as fabulous as mine.