Area Man Returning from Bad Part of Town Comforted by Sight of Dog Boutique

The grass is always greener by the dog botique.

WESTWOOD — Area man Harold Tuxton exhaled a sigh of relief and calmly unlocked his car doors on Tuesday when he caught sight of “Posh Puppy Boutique,” a strong indicator that he was returning to the upper-middle class part of Los Angeles. “I had to make a trip to the DMV on the East Side, and I definitely don’t frequent that area too often,” stated Tuxton, who found security in a boutique that caters specifically to the apparel and dietary needs of dogs. “A Hispanic man on the road median was trying to sell me roses through my car window. Boy, did I get out of there quickly,” said Tuxton, who held his pee for the thirty minute drive home in order to avoid entering the Big Lots!™ near the DMV. At press time, Tuxton was seen in his Prius driving towards the local Pressed Juicery.