Area Man Most Thankful For Black Friday Steam Sale

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Nothing beats collecting games in a virtual library space that you can never possibly fully explore.

WESTWOOD—Despite his loving family, fulfilling career and good health, area man Tobias Yuichi is more thankful for Steam’s annual Black Friday sale than anything else. “Yeah, my wife and kids are like, the light of my life, and I really love my job working at a local newspaper, but I mean, I hear The Witcher 3 is sixty percent off this year.” Despite having no significant health problems and being financially stable, Yuichi says that he is “way more pumped for the deal on Valve games”, citing the “once in a year opportunity” to add to his large Steam library of games with under three hours of play time. Early Friday morning, Yuichi was heard lamenting the fact that there was no sale for the new Call of Duty game.