Ambitious Political Science Major Adds Minor In Global Studies

WESTWOOD — Seeking to broaden his horizons and diversify his course curriculum, first-year political science major Adam Harper announced in an impassioned Facebook post this week that he is supplementing his major with a minor in Global Studies. “I absolutely love my political science classes here at UCLA and how they challenge my perspectives, and could not think of a better way to enhance my intellectual journey than by tacking on a minor in Global Studies,” wrote Harper, adding that he is confident he can handle the additional coursework even despite the current rigor of his political science lower-division courses. “I am so excited to learn about the world, and cannot wait to see what doors this minor will open for me. Who knows, maybe it will lead to an internship with the State Department!” At the time of writing, however, Harper was finding it difficult to adjust to having class five days a week.

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