What USAC Actually Stands For

Kerckhoff: the home of USAC.

Many have asked and many have conjectured – what does USAC truly stand for? It is a question we mouth whenever we are forced to contemplate this most insurmountable of memory challenges, an enigma for the ages. Our staff was tasked with finding out the truth behind this great UCLA mystery and we, with great diligence and assiduous laboring, have determined without a shadow of a doubt, what USAC, this monument, this testament to Bruin spirit, stands for.

  • Ugh, Such A Clusterfuck

  • University of Stupid-Ass California

  • Unadultered Succulent Assplay Coalition

  • Underpaid Socialist Applebee’s Club

  • U wanna see my SAC? LMAO, just kidding. What’s up?

  • Uppity Schmucks Allowing Corruption

  • Underaged Seamen’s Animation Classes

  • Ugh! Stay Away Carol!

  • Unsupervised Student Activities Center

  • Unferð Swealh Æþelingas Cyning

  • UNWHOLeSOME sad ass council

  • Uranus Saturn Antigone Caligula

  • Ultimate Savage Assblasters Collective

  • Untouchable Student Athlete Club

So there you have it! That’s what USAC actually stands for!