UCLA To Offer Work Study Position As Impish Goon

WESTWOODE Blessed is the night! Lord Imperator and Pretender to the Throne of Earle, Gene Lord Block, has announced a tourney for the title of Impish Goon. “Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye! Hear, Ye!” Said the Maester of Coin, Landor Ferinthian, sounding a crimson bugle. “Those that dare answer the call of chaos and lay waste to the land in the name of the sovereign please submit your applications via Handshake by crow calls thrice this Saturday.” At day’s break, Lads and Lasses across campus were seen practicing mayhem with haste and whimsy.

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Lucas Humel is a middle aged divorcé with no known affiliation to the university. We are unaware of how he was able to get in contact with Enabler staff, and he refuses to tell us. He brings a steaming hot apple pie with an old fashioned wedge of cheddar on the side to every meeting and eats all of it before leaving in silence.