Senior Kinda Relieved “Best Time Of Her Life” Almost Over

Fourth-year Adrienne Moreno appearing relieved.

WESTWOOD — Waking up bright and early for her 11 am class Wednesday morning, fourth-year Adrianne Moreno revealed that she was kind of relieved the “best time of her life” was finally coming to a close. “While going to Rocco’s every Thursday and taking the bus to Santa Monica once a quarter has been fun, I can’t help but wonder if there’s something more out there,” said Moreno, pausing to mute a GroupMe of her first-year floor organizing a graduation meet-up. “Memorizing a quarter’s worth of information every finals week and then forgetting it all the week after can’t be the highlight of my life, right? I mean, there’s marriage, for one. That’s supposed to be a really fun day. And childbirth, the miracle of life! There’s plenty to look forward to.” Moments later, Moreno was seen tearing up at the sight of Royce shining in the sunlight, claiming that she was “just really proud to be a Bruin.”