Report: Feminists Develop Less Phallic Toothbrush

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The new feminist sensation sweeping the nation.

WESTWOOD—Feminist entrepreneurial group, For Her Inc., announced the development of a new, less phallic toothbrush for women to be rolled out in the fall quarter of 2017. “Women no longer have to choose between oral hygiene and fellating a polypropylene phallus every morning and night,” said Ruby Winters, For Her’s head of product development and author of the book, Feminism for Pets. “We did away with the penile shape, choosing instead an unaggressive oval bulb carpeted with nylon bristles in a neutral, reassuring hue of green or gray. First, the bulb is held in the mouth, and then through a passive, non-committal cleaning action our brush empowers women with a confident clean.” For Her later teased at a forthcoming women of color edition of the toothbrush on their official Twitter account.