Op-Ed: Wonder Woman Should Smile More


When I first heard that DC was making a Wonder Woman movie, I was skeptical. Some of the best super heroes are men, and I will admit that I thought it was strange that a woman could be endowed with superhuman powers and abilities. Sure, they exist in comic books; but this is real life.

I guess I was not a fan of the idea going into the movie, which is why I was surprised I ended up liking the film. Let’s cut to the chase, Wonder Woman is a hit; the plotline, special effects, music, and characters were unimaginably awesome. Wonder Woman makes Batman look like a total homo.

But there is one part about the movie I didn’t quite like: why didn’t Wonder Woman smile more?

For example, when German soldiers attack Wonder Woman and her friend off the coast of Themyscira, she look’s so… angry. It was not attractive at all, and I totally lost my boner for her. Sure, the cleavage shots helped get things back up to par, but it seemed like Wonder Woman was frowning a whole lot during the movie.

If DC is considering a sequel – which they totally should – I hope they consider making Wonder Woman a little happier. I’m sure it is hard being the last descendent of the mighty Amazons, but she just makes it so obvious that she kind of doesn’t want to be there. She should just smile more.

It’s just a thought, but I really think DC could make some progressive moves by doing this. That’s what feminism is all about anyways.