Move Over Fjallraven! This Season’s Hottest Accessory Is A Handkerchief Tied To A Stick

PARIS, FRANCE — Paris’ top trend-watchers have announced that everyone’s favorite Swedish backpack is OUT, and a red handkerchief tied to a long crooked branch is IN this spring. “We took a lot of inspiration from disgruntled eight year olds running away from home,” said Antoine Honhonhon, France’s most chunkiest glasses wearing style icon. “To complete the look you could smoke out of a comically long pipe or wear a really downtrodden look on your face, no? Take some inspiration from Bella Hadid: just yesterday she was seen cranking a handcar down some desolate train tracks while a tumbleweed blew past. Very chic.” At press time, Honhonhon was found staring at a man wearing nothing but a barrel with straps and sketching furiously in his notebook.