Gene Block To Hand Out Single Hershey’s Kiss On Halloween

WESTWOOD — In a memo to UCLA and the greater Westwood communities this past week, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block announced that he will set aside time on Halloween night to hand out one piece of Hershey’s Kiss candy to six trick-or-treaters. “While I wish I could meet with all trick-or-treaters in the Westside Los Angeles area, I unfortunately do not have the time or resources to do so,” explained Block, whose busy Halloween schedule also includes a haunted Segway tour of Fraternity Row. “I look forward to engaging the six lucky trick-or-treaters in fruitful discussion regarding the nutritional diversity of Halloween candy among other pertinent issues in the Los Angeles community.” At press time, Block was meeting with dining staff regarding handing out students’ meal swipes as treats for children at each of the dining halls.

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