Communist Bookstore Holds Black Friday Blow-Out Sale

Popular titles like Das Kommunistische Manifest will be “Buy one, get one free” this Black Friday.

SILVER LAKE—Local privately-owned bookstore Bookmarx has announced plans for their first-ever Black Friday sale this week. The store, which features a wide selection of communist and socialist literature, expects to earn some much-needed revenue from the upcoming sale.

“We weren’t seeing a whole lot of demand for books about the exploitative evils of the free market,” said owner Phil Eustace. “So we’re slashing prices and bringing great deals to our consumers in our biggest sale of the year. We’re even offering to match our competitors’ prices – that’s the Bookmarx guarantee.”

Bookmarx fell on hard times shortly after opening in January, when all employees were paid up front and never showed up to work. Nonetheless, Eustace remains wholly dedicated to his store’s mission of promoting the tenets of leftist ideology in his community.

“This store is my mouthpiece for spreading my most deeply-held values, and I wouldn’t sacrifice that for anything,” Eustace said. “So we spent a couple thousand dollars on a new advertising campaign and even got a few corporate sponsors. Soon, we’ll have customers coming from all over L.A. to read up on the dangers of commercialism while enjoying the crisp, refreshing taste of an ice-cold Diet Pepsi.”

At press time, Eustace is setting up a storefront booth to sell “BOOKMARX BLACK FRIDAY 2014” promotional T-shirts in anticipation for the big sale.

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