Campus Wet

Source: Twitter, @UCLA_Nation
The water came out of the ground and went everywhere.

WESTWOOD—Flooded with what has been described as “a whole bunch of water”, parts of campus were closed yesterday because they got all wet and they had to dry. Sources indicate that the water came out of the ground and went on all sorts of different stuff, causing stairs to be wet, trashcans, as well as floors where people play basketball games—floors that can only be played on when they are dry. Some people have noted that even cars got wet. “It got pretty wet in my car, mostly because of all the water,” said one guy. “It’s not supposed to be wet, so I don’t like that. Water makes things wet.” Policemen have pointed out that while there are a lot of places that got real wet, there are places that are not so wet, such as on roofs and at houses. Many people agree that their cars would’ve been ok if they parked them on roofs or at houses. Though it is unclear how the administration guys will pay for the campus to be ok again, many folks hope the it will be not-so-wet pretty soon.❖

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