Big Win For Mouthfeel! This Merlot Is Tannic And Velvety

Good news, mouthfeel lovers! The Edna Valley 2013 Merlot is tannic and velvety. Its deep, chewy tannins and smooth, opulent body make for a wonderfully complex wine reminiscent of cloves, black pepper, and oak. If you’re passionate about mouthfeel, then this is a wine you can’t miss out on.

Listen, I swear I’m a better writer than this. I’m just a content intern who’s in way over her head. I lied during my interview. I don’t know anything about wine. But I’ve been working here for three months now, so I’m in way too deep to admit that I don’t know what I’m doing.

I wanted to write stories that would change people’s lives. Instead, I’m sitting at my desk staring at a Google search for “words to describe mouthfeel.” I spent twenty minutes cropping a stock photo of a glass of white wine before realizing that Merlot is red. My boss is glaring at me. The look in his eyes is oaky and assertive with brisk acidity and hints of tobacco.

My mom is so proud of me for landing this internship. I don’t know why, but it kills me. Does she think that this is all I’ve amounted to, after all the support she’s given me? She always believed that I would become the next great American novelist, and now I write clickbait for rich white people. And she’s not even upset about it.

It would be easier if she were upset.

God, I wish I could just leave. I want to go up to my boss and tell him: “I’m done. I never wanted this, and I’m done pretending that I’m satisfied with being half of who I want to be.”

I won’t say it. But I play around with the words, daring myself a little. I wonder how they would sound if I said them out loud.

I wonder how they’d feel in my mouth.

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