Op-Ed: I’ve Been Treated Very Unfairly, More Unfairly Than Anyone


I’m sure by now you’ve all come to the conclusion I have, that the debate was a sham. Cheap Shot Lester Holt is a Democrat, I said it before, the mainstream media has falsified his voter registration. He’s a Democrat, and he was totally biased when he brought up things I said and did. Why are we discussing the past? It’s awful, just awful, how the media keeps trying to make it seem like the past has anything to do with the present. They need to stop asking me about things I’ve said and done just because Hillary told them to.

Speaking of Hillary, can you believe her? She kept using facts, and let me tell you, she had the worst facts. Unbelievable how bad her facts were. I had incredible facts, incredible facts, and yet people are saying I’m the loser. She had terrible facts about me not paying my contractors, but I have the best facts about how I’m going to make America great again. And did you hear that stuff about preparing? If you have to prepare and use facts and logic, you’re basically a pimply teenager on the debate team, and nobody wants to be that.

I could have said a lot worse, I could have, but I’m a good guy. Crooked Hillary, sorry, Secretary Clinton, I want her to be happy, you know? I’m very respectful to women, unlike her. She kept using things I said about women, they were awful things, you know, it was very unfair of her to mention them on television. What kind of a person says things like that about women on national television?

It was really, appalling, appalling really, terrible, how the liberal media kept telling me I was wrong. It’s terrible how the media is always checking facts and correcting information instead of helping to make America great again. I’ve been treated very unfairly, and I’ve been very kind to Hillary and her media drones, but I’m going to have to pull out the big guns. No more Mr. Nice Guy Donald, it’s time to get down in the weeds. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you, Donald Trump doesn’t like playing dirty, but he’s also a winner, and to be a winner, sometimes you have to get a little rough. Hillary is a loser. Why hasn’t the media reported on that?

People don’t want a dirty campaign, and I’ve been playing it high and above ground, but it’s time to throw down the gauntlet. If you want Donald Trump on TV again so you can make the big money, you’re going to have to play by my rules. For the next debate, the moderators can’t use facts, quotes, or information. We can only talk about positive things, like making America great again, or walls. Thank you, America. You’re beautiful, I love you, unless you weigh four hundred pounds or write for the liberal media. You’ve been very unfair to me, and you know it.