Report: This D&D Campaign Is Off to a Wild Start

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Roll these dice, baby.

WESTWOOD—Gathered around a pile of spellbooks and props, fourth year Melanie Rodriguez eagerly rolled the dice on a new Dungeons and Dragons campaign. “God, we are off to a wild start!” said Rodriguez, who has never played D&D before and unknowingly broke seven rules in her first turn. “First we found a satyr, and get this! There was a puzzle! Holy crap! And then Marco, oh man, don’t get me started on Marco – he’s playing a 40-year-old wood elf, and that’s young for a wood elf, and had his elf insult the satyr! This is so crazy!” Marco was unavailable for comment, as he was asking the Dungeon Master if he could roll a D20 to “see the satyr’s goat hole.”