Report: Ambiguity Maybe Annoying Sometimes

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(Credit: Maggie Zheng)
Something or other. (Credit: Maggie etc.)

WESTWOOD—A recent report from the Eh Center of Studies suggests that ambiguity may be annoying sometimes. Released sometime in the last month, the report hints at the negative effects of ambiguity on the human body and psyche. “Ambiguity can often be really harmful to the mind of the average person, by stimulating feelings of annoyance and pissed-off-ness. In other cases, not so much,” said on-staff researcher, Mike Po. “While we are neither sure that ambiguity is always annoying nor that ambiguity is definitely annoying sometimes, we have determined through extensive tests that ambiguity might possibly be annoying sometimes.” During the press conference, Po and his team of researchers thanked all the participants of the surveys and experiments, stating that they were grateful for their co-operation and that their report would not have been published without them.