“Radioactive” And 4 More Songs To Add To Your Gaming And/Or Sex Playlist

Hey guys, Harry from the Enabler here. If there are two things I was put into this world for, it’s video games and sex. After years of meticulous testing, I’ve curated the perfect playlist for when you’re either doing legendary battle with enemy gamers or having intense sexy fun.

1. Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

You feel it in your bones too, don’t you? Chills. Just straight chills every time.

2. Centuries by Fall Out Boy

This song makes me feel like a total bad*ss. Anytime I’m listening to iHeart radio and this song comes on, I feel like a werewolf—and it’s a full moon, baby.

3. No Hands by Waka Flocka Flame

I transcend both in the bedroom and the battlefield whenever I hear Waka Flocka’s swan song. This song is basically cocaine for avid fans of sex such as myself.

4. Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes

The adrenaline rush this magnum opus gives you is absolutely bonkers. Daddy’s home—and he’s not here to play.

5. Not Afraid by Eminem

This song is truly so powerful. I adore it when this white man angrily raps over the most beautiful hook you’ve ever heard. Whenever I’m making passionate love to this absolute lion of a song, I feel like I’m Master Chief aboard the UNSC Galactic Scimitar and firing my Mark IX Black Sparrow plasma railgun straight into the Reaper mothership. You’ll understand that reference one day when you’ve scored as much as me—and I’m not talking about in a video game.

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