Local Homeless Man Now Takes Venmo

Rusty is excited to be with the times.

WESTWOOD—Local homeless man Rusty, on the corner of Westwood and Weyburn, has announced that he will now be accepting donations through the Venmo application. “People just always said they weren’t carrying cash when I would ask for spare change, so it hit me to download Venmo,” Rusty said.  “I just really needed to keep up with the times man.” When asked about the effects this measure has had on his revenue, Rusty informed us that his quarterly report suggests that results have been dismal. “I actually haven’t gotten any money through Venmo yet,” Rusty said. “I didn’t take into account that people would be afraid of pulling out their smartphones in front of me.” Rusty remains hopeful, although he is concerned he will not generate enough revenue to support his new cellular data plan bill if things don’t pick up.