“I Think You Mean Frankenstein’s Monster,” Says Friend

This is the monster! Obviously!

WESTWOOD — Interrupting first-year Sarah Ahmed’s description of the role her eighth grade English teacher played in sparking her love for literature, Ahmed’s friend, first-year Aaron Gilyard, pointed out that she was probably referring to Frankenstein’s monster, not Frankenstein himself. “Actually, Dr. Victor Frankenstein was the doctor who made this creature out of a warped desire to make inanimate objects come to life, to play the role of a god, so to speak,” said Gilyard, breathing heavily and rapidly switching eye contact from one listener to another. “So to say that Frankenstein was the monster is simply incorrect. Of course, an advanced reader of the novel could make the argument that the doctor really was the monster because of his invention and subsequent callous rejection of the creature.” Once back in his dorm, Gilyard commended himself on another day well spent fighting the ignorance of the masses.